Is symptomatic treatment necessary?


Many naturopathic professionals emphasize that the conventional ways of treatment handle symptoms only . These treatment methods can only relieve the surface problems temporarily and will sometimes even cause long term adverse effects. Some of these naturopathic professionals even strongly object to using conventional treatment methods for any chronic and degenerative diseases. These attitudes, in my opinion, have a lot of merit to them. However, we cannot ignore the fact that in some cases the symptoms also have to be addressed.

Yes, the long term correction of a degenerative health condition should follow a natural and unharmful direction. We should use natural methods to help the body rebuild its health. But we cannot ignore the symptoms from which the patients are suffering. For example, many cancer patients will experience severe pain. We cannot ignore their suffering and just concentrate on reversing the condition. Some cancer patients may develop ascites. If nothing is done to correct the emergency condition, the patient will die of the complication before his/her health starts to rebuild. If a tumor is blocking the passage of the intestine, the body cannot wait for the immune system to correct the cancerous condition. So symptomatic treatments for emergencies are necessary measures that the patient should consider when they are facing a situation that the natural way of healing cannot correct right away.

While you are making a decision on a symptomatic treatment method, bear in mind to explore different alternatives. Try your best to select a method that will do less harm to the body. You have to balance your choice in taking care of both immediate and long term problems.

In our Hong Kong operations, quite often some users of our products would experience complications due to their advanced conditions. Our in-house doctors would then prescribe some Chinese herbal remedies to take care of the "symptoms". However, once the symptoms subsided, the use of the Chinese herbal remedies would also be discontinued. The Chinese herbal applications normally would not have any harmful effect on the user. The long term health rebuilding plan is always based on a holistic and natural approach using our products as the core tools.

Treating the symptoms should always be part of the healing program. We should be open-minded in choosing a "symptomatic" treatment method. Try not to limit yourself to a particular kind of treatment. Remember, healing should contain no boundaries. It doesn't matter whether you use conventional, herbal, Chinese, Ayurvedic, surgical or any other methods. The most important thing is whether it will work and whether it will cause any harm to your current condition. In order to make a sound decision, you have to educate yourself. You need to actively participate in the healing decision and action. It is your own life!

For example:

For an external tumor outbreak.

(1) You can surgically remove it (extremely fast, expensive, side-effect of anesthesia may further burden the liver, surgical wound)

(2) You can apply CESSIAC topically on it (slow, effective, unharmful).

(3) You can apply a mixture of powdered Rhubarb Root and Semen Phaseoli -- a special kind of small red beans (fast, effective, inexpensive, unharmful).

I would certainly take (3) since it will cause no harm and results will appear in about 3-5 days. I am not saying these are the only options. What I am trying to illustrate is that you should weigh different options and choose one that will bring you the best benefits.

However, normally symptomatic treatments are only for the "symptoms". Usually they do not deal with the cause of the symptoms which is the root of the problem. It is crucial that an effective program should be chosen to release your healing power within and to reverse your degenerative condition.