Making Your Healing Program Work for You

Leo Roy, M.D., N.D.


Of course you want and expect that the treatments, recommendations, and supplements you have received will succeed in restoring your health back to a level where you can live the life you want to live. What would be the point in following treatments if they didn't work?

But the point is that they won't and don't work unless they are used properly.
This means ...

ˇ         they constantly provide your body with everything it needs and all your body cells need,

ˇ        in the exact nature and proportions that they are needed,

ˇ        that you constantly refrain from, avoid and eliminate anything and everything that could be detrimental to your healing,

ˇ        all these needs must be constantly in balance -- no less than your healing needs require -- but also no more,

ˇ        every day your bodies needs and balance change,

ˇ        you continue to persevere with your full treatment until your health is completely restored,

ˇ        you do all this.

You have to do all this! You have to do it without having done it before, without the training and experience to know how to do it perfectly!

Possibly you believe, like most people, that all you have to do is take the pills (supplements), make some changes in diet, and possibly make a few other prescribed changes and your treatment will automatically work.

In minor illnesses, and when treating only individual, simple symptoms, such an approach often does. Not if you are trying to correct a complex, multiple cause type serious disease.

If you never built a house before you would not attempt to do it on your own without help, and guidance and know how.

These pages offer you some of these. They could mean the difference between a perfectly worked out healing program working for you -- or not.



Before starting treatments -- and even while you are following them -- read the following. They are a part of your healing. Fix these concepts clearly in your mind.  Re-read them periodically.

There are no stereotyped healing formulas or remedies.
Body processes vary constantly during healing.  
Healing needs vary constantly during healing. 

You are as much a part of your healing success as is your physician,

You are responsible for all that is involved in your healing

You must know and avoid causes. Avoiding what causes disease is as important as taking remedies.

You have to know and understand what heals and how healing works in order to heal properly.

You can accomplish healing only with guidance by one who has learned to know the total you and your healing needs.

 Learn them.

Follow them.

Neglect them at your risk.




The "take-an-aspirin -- cure-a-headache" way of thinking most of us have been conditioned to take for granted, leads us to believe that all cures work in simple ways. Such an approach may alleviate pain, infections and simple symptoms, sometimes even simple illnesses.  It does not heal any serious, ongoing, degenerative and life threatening disease. It is like playing Russian Roulette.

All substances which are not alive food form concentrates are drugs. Drugs, work -- temporarily -- but they do not cure. They stimulates (whip) body functions and create rapid body changes which may feel like healing. Drugs are appeasing, disease perpetuating poisons that create smoke screens to body's real needs and unrealistic expectancies. The only remedies that cure are those that supply every body and cell, mind and emotional need, and correct every cause and influence which created your disease abnormalities and needs.



Serious disease is a serious matter. It is not to be approached lightly, dabbled at -- try this, try that -- shop from one doctor to another.

There are no quick fixes, magic formulae, short cuts, stereotyped systems or panaceas. Bodies don't follow systems, formulae or books. There is no disease that follows a fixed pattern.

Each disease is as different, personal and specific as the finger prints of the one who is ill. Systems and formulae have to be adapted to and fitted to the human individuals much as tailoring a dress or a suit to fit.

To cure disease, the therapy must cure you, according to your personal needs -- not those of someone else -- not by taking a remedy that worked for somebody else.

Healing needs change, sometimes within days or weeks. Religiously following an original prescription cannot provide for these changes. Prescriptions are not to be considered as carved in stone.



These follow various patterns:

ˇ     A well formulated health restoring program will satisfy and saturate all body and cell needs as they existed at the time of diagnosis. The amounts and doses originally prescribed will become excessive as the body's needs are filled. Overloading eventually will cause a person to feel worse, not better. This is like overeating which causes indigestion.

ˇ     A well formulated health restoring program makes every organ of a body stronger. These organs will attack the abnormalities and poisons that caused your disease. They will dump them back into your tissues and blood stream. As these toxic irritants contact nerves in that part of your body, they create pain, distress or new and different symptoms.

ˇ    The more carefully you follow the original prescriptions and healing routine the stronger your body fights and the stronger are the reactions.

ˇ     Any treatments taken to excess unbalance bodies.

ˇ     Nature's healers work slowly. Bodies don't cure -­they grow back to health -- and this only at the normal speed of any growing.

ˇ    There are a hundred possible obstacles to healing. Every abnormality, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, every stressful condition of your personal life, family life, social life, work life and/ or environment, can block healing.

ˇ     Unaware patients tend to interpret unpleasant changes, discomforts, and symptoms as meaning their treatment is wrong for them. They quit.


To the contrary, such symptoms and changes are messages telling you to give your body a rest -- give it time to catch up with its needs, to detoxify and eliminate whatever its abnormalities or poisons.

Healing reactions are not reasons for panicking, quitting or getting discouraged. They are times to call your doctor. Let him/her explain what is happening and that such reactions are quite normal but require immediate modifying and balancing of his original recommendations and therapies. This may require periodic communication in order to keep your healing program constantly in balance with your healing needs.



ˇ      Chronic, long lasting, degenerative diseases are complex. Treatments must consider and manage all complexities. 

ˇ    The amounts of any therapy to be taken must always be the smallest amounts that produce the maximum benefits. Never take more than such amounts -- nor less. To determine these amounts may require a period of trial and error -- up and down juggling -- as you attempt to tune into your body needs. 

ˇ     Bodies act and react in their own individual ways. Even tests and examinations cannot reveal all this. Your doctor cannot know these ways -except from what you communicate to him. 

ˇ     Accurately formulated therapies generally provide definite benefits within a few treatments or within a few weeks or months. If they don't, something is not right. Something has been missed, misunderstood, or misapplied. Get back to your doctor. 

ˇ     Even a most judiciously planned therapy may not resolve all the complexities of a complex illness. 


Often it is necessary to proceed stage by stage, handling only the most serious healing needs at any one time. To treat more than this can overload a body's healing abilities and create complications or other problems.

Need for the assistance of other therapists may arise. No doctor has a total understanding of every aspect of bodies-minds-emotions. These are infinite in scope and nature. Therapists must work together as a team. To treat independently one of another, leaves a danger of omitting some need, of overloading, of duplicating, or of giving treatments which conflict with one another. 

Do not, on your own, take any treatments, vitamins, minerals, drugs, or follow diets or therapies.  These could conflict with your doctor's program. Let your doctor know every treatment that you are using and everything you are doing. 



Healing is an ongoing, ever changing, growing experience. Bodies express their serious and immediate body needs by symptoms. The nature of all changes, both the improvements as well as the adverse changes, provide a doctor's insights that help him/her to decide each step you need to take on your pathway to health and well-being.

Changes experienced as improvements also indicate that re-balancing and decreasing of your healing program is needed -- promptly. 

Bodies heal in unusual, sometimes mysterious ways. There is a wisdom in our bodies that guides them to not attempt to correct every problem all at once. 

As each health problem is resolved, bodies often bring to a surface and to your awareness, other needs that were not initially manifest. This means therapy changes. 



You may find that therapies do not provide the relief, the progress and well-being that you expected and need. There are several possible reasons for this: 

Miscommunication or inadequate communication of everything that is going on in your life, in your body, mind, emotions and environment and lifestyle. With a little recall you may realize you failed to or forgot to mention certain factors or problems. Such details get pushed into the back of one's mind when overanxious, concerned or suffering. Discuss these with your doctor. 

You may feel that your communication with your doctor was detailed and complete. Everybody interprets the meanings of words differently. Your doctor may have misunderstood you or you may have misunderstood your doctor. It may be necessary to again discuss your whole illness. 

All treatments must be faithfully and carefully followed until all disease causes are eradicated from your body and every body need completely satisfied. It takes two years for all sick cells to decompose and disintegrate and be replaced by normal healthy cells



  • The doses and amounts of remedies you take, must effectively manage all complexities of your illness. 

  • They must be constantly modified, balanced and in completely harmony with all body change that normally occur during healing. 

  • When healing reactions occur, don't panic, quit or get discouraged. Instead call your holistic physician. Regular communication is an essential part of and a key factor in all healing. 

  • Supplements and diets work differently in different people. The actions vary according to individuality, glands, nerves, stresses, conditions, diet, mental and emotional states. 

  • Supplements with properties of perfectly providing all body needs may not always do this if not used precisely as your body requires them. You need to use, regulate and balance them according to your specific needs and problems. It is not likely that you can do this without a holistic doctor's guidance.

  • Don't ever force anything. Anything that upsets, stresses or overloads your body must be modified.

  • Use moderation in meals, drinks, habits and lifestyles. 

  • Banish worries, anxieties, fears, negative thoughts. If you are unable to do so by yourself, get aid, counsel, and support. 

  • Quieten your mind and emotions. Seek conditions of quiet and peace to help you relieve these tensions. 

  • Slow down and live. Put aside some time everyday to relax, reflect, rest and release the effects of your everyday living and any pent up emotions or distresses.

  • Do whatever it takes to get enough sleep that will leave you feeling rested, restored, regenerated, more yourself. Only during the quiet of the hours of sleep does your body perform all its processes of healing. 

  • Make note of all body changes, improvements, problems, reactions, difficulties or discomforts. Discuss them on an ongoing basis with your holistic physician. 

  • Treat yourself to a steam bath, sauna, or 20 - 30 minutes soaking in a tub of water as hot as you can stand it, into which has been added 1/2 - 1 cup of Epsom salts.

  • Try some physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or massage.

  • Make changes gradually. 

  • Exercise regularly, easily, without forcing. Brisk walks, deep breathing, bicycling, swimming, jogging, tennis, skiing, rebounder jumping, Yoga or participation in your favorite sport or physical activity. 

  • Exercise and physical activity is 50% of body nutrition and healing. Circulation of blood is as important as diet. All nutrients and supplements can only reach the areas and organs of your body where they are needed, and make healing possible, by being transported there by your blood. 

  • Think, live and feel positives. 

  • Maintain a positive self-image and self-esteem. 

  • Read positive, morale-building, joy-giving books. 

  • Keep joy in your life. Laugh a little every day. 

  • Whenever the loads, anxieties, concerns and difficulties of your disease, added to those of your life, become more than you can take, try this magic remedy: On a good sized sheet print four words -- get on your knees -- join your hands and fervently pray the prayer of those words. They are "TO HELL WITH IT".


Do not be offended at these words. Your disease and distresses are like a hell in your life. They came from hell. At a time when everything is too much for you, is not a time to start dealing with the worries and anxieties of your problems. The only thing to do is to send them back where they belong. Only later, when you are feeling better, you can take them back onto your shoulders and try to find solutions for them. To do so in serious disease can become way too much -- an overload that can block healing. So, if you prefer a Christian version of this prayer, it would be: "Let Go and let God". Ask yourself which will help you the most psychologically. You need one or the other.





Look to THIS day . . for IT is LIFE;
The very LIFE of life.
For in
its brief course lie
the realities and all the verities
Of your
existence ...
The Bliss of GROWTH
The Glory of ACTION
The Splendor of BEAUTY.

For every yesterday is but a dream,
And every tomorrow is but a vision;
But every TODAY -- well lived,
Makes every yesterday a dream of BEAUTY
And every tomorrow a vision of HOPE.
Look well, therefore, to THIS DAY.

This is the greeting each dawn brings to us.