Chinese Food Therapy

Please remember these are not drugs.  These are foods that have certain properties that are good for different health conditions.  We have chosen the simplest recipes, usually with less than two items, so that you can make it without too much difficulty. 

If you do not find the food therapy suggestions for your condition, don't be disappointed.  This list will be updated frequently and we plan to build a large database in this particular area.  So check back often and soon you will find the information you need.


Brain Tumor
(1) 30g Chinese Wolfberry, 10g Chrysanthemum Flower, add water and boil for 10-15 minutes.  Drink tea as frequently as possible.  Good for brain tumor which makes the eye protrude and weakens the vision.

(2) 50g fresh Chrysanthemum Flower, cook with some rice to make congee.  Eat frequently.  Good for brain tumor with seizures and headaches.

(3)  Walnuts, eat frequently.

Breast Cancer
(1)  Include cabbage in your diet as much as possible.

(2)  Longan, fresh or dried, eat frequently. Good for advanced stage breast cancer with palpitations, shortness of breath, and physical weakness. (Longan is a fruit grown in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and Thailand.  Dried fruits can be purchased in many Chinese grocery stores.)

(3)  Make soup with green beans and take it frequently.  For breast cancer with inflammation around the tumor(s).

Colon Cancer
(1) Red tea leaves 5 g, dried ginger 1g, brown sugar and water.  Bring to boil and drink as tea frequently.  For colon cancer with frequent bowel movements accompanied by abdominal pain and blood in stool.

(2) Figs, eat as many as possible.  For colon cancer with blood in stool.

(3)  Scallions, eat frequently.  For post surgery of colon cancer.

Lung Cancer
(1)  Soak 50g white fungus and 50g black fungus in water for 30 minutes.  Drain the water and pan-fry the fungus.  You can add a little salt for the taste.  For all lung cancer with physical weakness.

(2)  Grind 100g of walnut meat.  Add 1/2 teaspoonful of ginger juice and a little bit brown sugar and make it into a walnut paste.  Eat as much as you like.  Good for various types of lung cancer.

(3)  Roast Ginkgo fruits in shells.  Eat ten fruits a day.  Good for lung cancer with weakness and shortness of breath.

Prostate Cancer
(1) Green tea, drink as frequently as possible.  Good for prostate cancer before operation or radiation treatment.

(2)  Boil 10 unshelled Gingko fruits with two cups of water.  Add a little bit of honey to make it tasty.  Drink the tea and eat the fruits once every day.  For weakness after surgery and frequent urination during the night.

(3)  Eat more pine seeds.  For weakness and constipation after surgery.